All TRILLFIT Studio operations are suspended until April 6.

Good morning, squad!

Hope you're feeling healthy and safe. It's me again.

Last night, we officially decided to suspend TRILLFIT's studio operations until Boston's coronavirus situation is contained. It was an incredibly difficult decision because we know TRILLFIT's not just a fitness studio. It's a space for self care, laughter, and convening; it's a place where we celebrate you every single day - and I’ve seen just how needed this space is over the past few days. I’ve really needed this space these past few days - our whole team has. It’s why we started this brand and why we crafted a space like this. We saw that our community needed a space of solace and hope; a space that could redefine wellness (what it looks like and feels like); a space that could champion inclusivity and uplift black and brown voices and bodies; a space that could truly make everyone who stepped inside feel that they belong. Because you do. And we wanted to stay open as long as we could to respect that space.

But, the health and welfare of our community comes first. Your safety and wellbeing is - and will always remain - our top priority. To help flatten the curve and slow the spread of coronavirus, we have to close our doors. To ensure that we continue to do our part as health equity champions, we’ve decided to suspend all studio operations until April 6. In the interim we'll be sharing free digital classes, hosting virtual lobby talk sessions, meditations, and new playlists. We’re committed to bringing you TRILLFIT wherever you are. We won’t stop moving, and we hope you won’t either.

See you online,

Heather 💕

Heather C. White


1484 Tremont Street, MA Boston 02120 US