What to know before you sign up for class...

FHR Mission Statement:
To provide a sanctuary where all people can recharge their body, mind and spirit.

Guess what? We are still on that mission and we are gearing up to get you to that sanctuary as soon as possible.  We have all experienced a lot over the last 4 months and as we continue to move forward I would like to make you aware of a few changes to our standard operating procedures. 

Rest assured your body will not notice these subtle differences, it will only be thanking you for getting it back into the Hot Room.  The benefits you’ll receive from our therapeutic yoga and fitness class are still the same and as amazing as they’ve ever been!

Before you sign up for class please take note of the changes:

The studio will be open only 15 minutes before/after each class.

By the time you arrive you will have already signed up and paid for class. 

For the safety of our entire community, please wear a mask into the studio and keep it on until you leave.**

Bring your mat, towel, water and as little else as possible.  We will not be renting any mats or towels. We do have plastic water bottles for sale if needed. 

Arrive wearing your yoga gear as the changing stalls and showers are off limits.  We will have space in the reception for your personal belongings but please keep it to a minimum.

Bathrooms will be open.

Ideal situation
Walk into the studio:
  • Wearing only your yoga gear, mask and shoes.
  • Carrying only your own mat, towel, water and car keys.
1. In our reception area, there is a hand sanitizing station, please wash your hands.  Leave your shoes by the door. Say hello, tell us your name. Drop your keys and any personal items in the cubbies.  Enter the Hot Room, there are clearly marked spots on which to put your mat, find one and chill there until class starts. 

2. Have the most amazing time producing serotonin, releasing tension, sweating, smiling, crying, happy crying and doing so many more fabulous things for your body, mind and spirit. 

3. After your final savasana, please gather your belongings, put your shoes on, wave goodbye and then have the best rest of your day!

To continue with the safety protocols and sacrifices we have all made since March, we will require face coverings at all times while at Falmouth Hot Room.  (Our protocols may be updated at any time.)  

I took a class yesterday with a mask on and to be honest it was not very difficult at all.  Was it noticeable? Yes, but not impossible.  It was actually a great tool in regulating my own calm breathing - in and out through my nose.  When I opened my mouth, that is when I noticed the mask and calmed my breathing down.  It is just one more challenge to overcome.  What I did notice in the Hot Room, how amazing the heat is and how happy I was to be back in it! 

Also, what did not happen?  My glasses did not fog up! If you are anything like me whenever out and about, the mask fogs my glasses up.  In the Hot Room, not once at all. So we have that going for us, which is nice. 🤓

Our friend Robin Brace from True Bikram Yoga located in Madison and New Haven, Connecticut sums it up brilliantly in this video, please take a moment to watch it.  You will be glad you did.

Classes will be posted soon so we can all get ready to get in there! Can't wait to see you! xo

Peace and Love,
Kate Ridl
Falmouth Hot Room | 180 Teaticket Highway, East Falmouth MA 02536 US