Redeem your remaining pass at Quantum, and read our updated FAQ for more important closing information
This message contains important information for our members: a new FAQ about the studio closure, and an offer from Quantum Yoga Club. Please be sure to review these sections if you have any questions regarding your membership or pass.
Dear Found City Yoga family,

Welcome to our final newsletter. In keeping with these changing times, our last day of classes came early, on November 19, in accordance with the extended restrictions from our health authorities. 

To everyone who had reserved classes or planned to visit between Friday and Sunday, Nov 20–22, in hopes of saying goodbye one more time, I see you! The teachers and staff and I are all sorry to have missed the opportunity to throw you air-kisses and distance-hugs this weekend, but here we are. Those kisses and hugs must be meant instead for a future when we can be close together again.

In a way, the timing of this unplanned early closure seems an appropriate reminder of what brought us to this juncture in the first place. It also prevented us from long goodbyes. Personally, I feel that no long goodbyes are in order, because I remain firm in my faith that our true community exists beyond the physical space of the studio. Our studio has served us very, very well. This is our opportunity to move on with gratitude, grace, and confidence.
Now for some housekeeping details:

I am pleased to announce that Quantum Yoga Club has come forward with an offer to our active members. We are so fortunate to receive ongoing support from our local yoga studios!
A Message from Quantum Yoga Club
Quantum Yoga, with a foundation in the 26 and 2 series, would like to offer to honour any passes or memberships of Found City students. This means if you have 12 classes left on a 20 class card, Quantum will credit your account with 12 free classes. If you have 3 months left on your annual, we'll give you an unlimited three month pass. Please sign up for an account at our website here and then send us an email at to introduce yourself and we'll update your new account with what's on file with Found City.

It's our desire to support Owl and the yoga community she's helped to create and nurture. We're here to help. Please feel free to reach out with any questions. 

With love and gratitude,

Joy and Melissa

For the next week or so, we will be cleaning up and moving out. There is a whole lot left to do! Again, if you have questions, please review the Found City Yoga Closing FAQ before emailing the studio. You will likely find the answer to your question provided there already, and this will help streamline our communications. The FAQ also includes a link for those of you who wish to stay in touch.

A huge thank you to both Yoga Lab Victoria and Quantum Yoga Club for their kind and generous outreach to the Found City Yoga community.

And to all of my members past and present, once again, thank you for your support and participation over the years. Thank you for your practice. You do good work in there. It has been a privilege to serve you, and my pleasure to get to know many of you well. We will see each other again. Until then, go well. Keep your head up, take care of yourself, and remember to breathe.

With love and respect,

Found City Yoga | 100-1620 Garnet Rd, Victoria BC V8P 3C8 CA