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As you may know, Governor Wolf has instated a temporary shut down for specific businesses in which we are included. With many of our community members connected to the healthcare field, we recognize the severity and urgent need for responsible action to be taken in an effort to relieve the hospitals and health care facilities of new admittances while they face maximum capacity. With that said, we will be abiding by the rules set forth by Governor Wolf and temporarily closing our studio practices effective tomorrow, December 12, 2020 - January 4, 2021.

This comes with great heartache and frustration as we see other businesses unaffected by this mandate or those who refuse to comply.

While we have always operated from a space of anything is possible where our goals and aspirations have continually outgrown our spaces over our years of existence, the fact remains that we are a small business.

We believe in being completely transparent with you. Without virtual classes being attended (these are included in all packages), subscriptions to Evolution GO, purchases of gift cards and memberships - we face closure. We have been, and continue, to do everything in our power to keep that from becoming our fate, but we need everyone to be aware of the reality of our situation.

We have only managed to stay afloat over these past nine months through the grace of our landlords, grants we were lucky enough to find, the closure of our Lititz location, debt, and those of you who have stood with us and continued your membership. We are no different from the mom and pop restaurants. Our version of take-out food is our virtual classes, Evolution GO, and memberships.

One thing that we can be certain about regarding the COVID pandemic is that nothing is certain. Timelines and plans have never held true for the last year and we cannot guarantee the restrictions will be lifted on January 4th. So we need to start living our life today and leave behind the notion of waiting for life to go "back to normal." This includes your practice. 

Your practice is a routine as necessary as brushing your teeth in the morning. Its not always easy, or convenient, or what you want to be doing; but it is vital to keeping you healthy, grounded, and going on with life.

We understand the significance a studio practice means to so many of you. Its a life saver that keeps you going. A physical connection to others, to yourself. While you currently cannot be in the space you may prefer, it is imperative that you continue your practice.

The studio, the windows and the heat, the breath of others around you - those aren't what make you feel the way you do after class. Its the practice. Its you, on your mat moving, connecting, creating - THAT'S what you show up for. That's where the power is. That's what makes transformation happen. And you can access that anywhere.

By showing up to practice you are not only showing up for yourself, you are showing up for others. You are showing up for us. Because without you, we don't exist. 

Help us continue to accomplish our mission of leading other's into their greatest possibility. Purchase gift cards, purchase future memberships, take advantage of the annual special, book a virtual private session, if you are still holiday shopping visit the boutique, continue your membership.

We are aware that we are not the only ones who face financial struggle. We will be making the virtual Saturday Community class free to attend. If you are facing financial hardship, please contact us. We will make your practice possible.

Thank you for being a part of our community. Thank you for holding us up and standing by our side. Thank you for understanding. 
Together we can survive this.
Lisa Taylor & the Evolution Power Yoga Team
JOIN US SUNDAY (12/13/20) AT 5PM
Lisa Taylor will be holding a brief Facebook Live event to speak to the community and openly answer any questions and concerns. Please tune and bring your questions. Visit the Lancaster facebook page for updates

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