We're closing.
Dear friends,

This was a newsletter we hoped never to write, but the time has now come. Modo Yoga Austin is closing its doors.

Exactly one year ago, we made the frightening and abrupt decision to close the studio due to the COVID lockdown. At the time, it wasn’t clear what would happen, or if we would ever reopen fully. After 365 days of uncertainty—but also of community support, amazing online classes, and limited but wonderful in-person classes—last night was our last night in the space. The studio is now permanently closed.

We won’t avoid stating plainly how we feel: this is a huge disappointment. We will always remember the pain of being among the countless Austin small businesses that did not make it through the pandemic.

But more than that, we will remember six years of joy. Of sweaty hugs. Of deep breaths, peaceful Savasanas, and every time our palms slipped in Down Dog. Of beautiful live music classes and raucous Modo Mingles. Of friends made, babies born, and lives brought together by the amazing practice we all shared in a space that was uniquely special to this community and to Austin.

No pandemic can take that from us. These past six years have been among the best, and will always be among the most cherished, of our lives.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being part of it.
I will be reaching out to all current members with additional information, and please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions and thoughts. Keep in touch. 

Gillian and all the teachers

P.S You can reply to this email and me or my team will respond!
Modo Yoga Austin | 7010 Easy Wind Dr Suite 130, Austin TX 78752 US