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December News
Happy Holidays from Pilates MN!
We hope you all have a safe and happy holiday season!

Memberships Now Available
For the first time in Pilates MN history, you will have the opportunity to become members of the studio. We are so excited to offer you both of the following memberships.
Unlimited Membership Benefits
  • Come to as many classes as you can each month
  • Schedule your classes months in advance
  • 10% off products, Pilates privates, and massage
  • Suspend your membership two weeks or more at any time
  • Enjoy the late cancel Perkville credit to avoid late cancel charges
For those who only come 6 times a month, we have an option for you too!
Limited Membership Benefits
  • Come to 6 classes per month
  • Schedule your classes months in advance
  • Suspend your membership two weeks or more at any time
  • Enjoy the late cancel Perkville credit to avoid late cancel charges
  • Additional classes will be charged at the same $26 rate
Buy your membership now and your membership benefits and classes will be activated January 1! Memberships will be on a monthly autopay. Your purchase today will count as your January payment and you will not be charged again until February 1 and the first of every month thereafter.

We will only offer 25 of each membership at this time. Sign up below to take advantage of this amazing opportunity!
Unlimited Membership
As little as $19 per class for 12 classes. Even if you come just 9x a month, this is the best value!
Sign Up Now!
Limited Membership
$26 per class for 6 pilates classes per month. Additional classes charged at the same rate.
Sign Up Now!
Please take a look at our new pricing, effective January 1

Gyrotonic Classes at Pilates MN
Join instructor Julie Odermann for a private and try out our Gyrotonic Tower. You'll love the movement, a great compliment to Pilates. Check out the video and see the beautiful movement in motion:

Perkville: How to Redeem Points for Classes and Privates
  • Start by going to Perkville's website and sign in to your account.
  • Under the "Perks" tab, you can see if you have qualified for free classes or privates. If so, you can click on "Redeem" under the heading of class or private.
  • After this, a screen will follow letting you know if your redemption was successful.

Wear Pink and Win: Winners Have Been Chosen!
Cathy Coughenour
Caroline Franke
Mary Allton
Judy Kelloway

Thanks to everyone for participating! There will be another drawing for private sessions in February 2019.

Meet Our Trainer of the Month
Martha Eckerline, Pilates Instructor
Why do you love Pilates?
I love Pilates because after my session, my body feels like it was massaged and strengthened at the same time.

Favorite Piece of Equipment
The chair because it doesn't take up much room, it is versatile and the exercises are challenging. I wish more would try it so we could offer classes. It's a great workout!
Martha's Favorites:
  • Book: I read to learn and topics I prefer are religion, nutrition, kinesiology and mental wellness.
  • Movie: Gladiator. The main character, Maximus, exemplifies confidence in what he believes in and chooses the greater good over selfish ambition.
  • Song: Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson because if we each look at ourselves and change our ways for good, we can actually make a change in the world.
What brought you to Pilates MN?
My dear friend, Pam Hasselbring, brought me on board 10 short years ago!

December Recipe
15-Minute Sizzling Salmon & Asparagus

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