We have a start date and it's sooner than we thought!
It's time!
We have just heard the lastest update which means we will start our outdoor classes on THIS Friday June 11th! We will have 2 classes offered per day 7 days per week and with our circles 10 feet apart and outdoors we have plenty of room and space for all!

Mon - Fri 12pm and 5:30pm
Sat & Sun 10am and 4pm

You can use your studio membership, existing class card, or purchase a pass below. Pre registration is required so if you are having any trouble signing into your mindbody account please email HERE so we can help you. 

Classes by the river will be 45 minutes long and are weather permitting. In the case of inclement weather we will email in regards to cancellation a minimum of 30 minutes prior to class.
In the case of cancellation due to weather no class cards will be deducted and we will email a recorded live class out to anyone registered so you can still practice from home that day if you choose. 

Registration is NOW OPEN! See below for links to purchase class passes.

Please remember to:
  • Bring your own mat and water
  • wear sunscreen/insect repellent
  • dress for the weather

No worries...
  • no masks required (but you're welcome to wear one if you prefer)
  • you can come late and leave early by the river.
  • no need for waitlists or late/no show fees.
  • There are trees for shade and there is plenty of sun
  • (feels almost like the hot room!)
  • bring the dog and the kids all are welcome
  • (please keep socially distanced)
  • we have an amplified speaker and a mic for the teacher so everyone can hear!
  • no experience? no problem. Everyone is welcome and classes will be accessible for all. 
  • Sign up ahead of time and just check in with the teacher upon arrival :)
We can't wait to be together again! See you soon!
Sign up for classes by the river!
It's the 9th annual
A tradition is a tradition!
JUNE 21st marks the beginning of summer, the longest day of the year, AND 9th annual 108 Sun Salutations by the River! This is a FREE event for all!

It will look a little different this year, as it did last year. Here's how we will do it.

We have had over 100 people out to this event in the past (because it's AWESOME!). So to allow room for all to safely participate will have 9 classes spread throughout the day.

These classes will be 30 minutes in length and will consist of a hatha yoga style stretch and 12 Sun Salutations split up throughout (think start with 4, middle 4, end with 4 in each class) for a GROUP TOTAL of 108 SS by the end of the day!
There will be a limited capacity for each class so please sign up early to get your preferred time. Classes will run the following times, let's FILL THEM UP!

Registration will open next MONDAY JUNE 7TH!


We are so happy to be able to keep this tradition alive, even if it's a different format! AND we are looking forward to making NEXT summer's 10TH ANNUAL event the biggest celebration yet! Let's do this!
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Classes never expire.
For Virtual and Outdoor classes only.
Classes never expire.
For Virtual and Outdoor classes only.
Single class.
One time use.
Can be used for any class anytime.
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