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June News
Circuit Class Kickoff - Sunday, June 2nd
Our new circuit classes kick off this Sunday, June 2nd at 8:30 and 9:30am. Pay $10 to try it out on the 2nd, and all proceeds will be matched by Pilates MN and donated to IOCP.

The official start date for circuit classes is Saturday, June 8th at 7:30pm. We will have permanent circuit classes Wednesday at 5:30pm and Friday's at 10:30am. We also have circuit classes a couple Saturday's a month when the private area is open.

Circuit classes are designed to work you out in a circuit format utilizing other equipment that we don't use in Reformer classes. Experience the Chair, Spine Corrector, Ped-O-Pull, Core Align, balls, mat, foam roller and more! Hope to see you in class!

Client of the Month: Shayne Ernzer
What Brought You to Pilates MN? 18 months ago I had a total hip replacement. I’ve had residual weakness and pain. My surgeon’s advice to me, as far as rehab, was simply to, “walk, walk, walk.” Yet, for me, walking was excruciating. 8 weeks post-op I began traditional physical therapy. During my first session, my therapist told me to do 20 squats. I remember thinking at the time that this man must work with people like me all the time. If other folks with hip replacements are squatting 8 weeks post-op, then I better just power through and fight like hell to do it. Needless to say, after my session, I hobbled into the women’s restroom, locked myself in a stall and cried and cried. I was in so much pain, I was confused, I felt helpless and alone. A month later, I happened to drive by Pilates MN. I felt like it was a lightning bolt of a sign. I called and scheduled an evaluation with Shawn. Thus began my therapeutic journey to recovery through Pilates. I work with both Shawn & Johnna and come four times a week. Pilates is giving me my life back. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to team with such educated, dedicated, resourceful, problem-solvers as these two, dynamic women. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the progress I’ve made in the year I’ve been coming to Pilates MN.

Why do you enjoy Pilates? I absolutely love Pilates. Every session with Shawn & Johnna begins with a check-in. They ask me where my body is at that moment and then formulate a plan for that session addressing my needs. I adore the variety of exercises that I do. There is always something new that I am learning.

Favorite Song: “Take me Home,” by Phil Collins is my favorite song. He wrote it in 1985. This song brings me peace and grounds me. If ever I feel unsettled, Phil can, “Take me Home.”

Favorite Book: My favorite books are historical fiction with strong characters (female typically) who overcome great obstacles and fight for what they believe in.  One of my all-time favorite books is, "In the Time of the Butterflies," by Julia Alvarez. 

Favorite Movie: My favorite movies are those that exemplify a strong bond of friendship that survive time, distance, and withstand conflict. Shawshank Redemption, Spy Game and Thelma & Louise are a few of my favorites.

IOCP Fundraising Update
We have been raising funds for IOCP this year, and with the help of our wonderful clients, we have already raised $1,600! We will continue to offer classes or massages this year at different times for our fundraising campaign, so stay tuned for more ways to help us support IOCP. As always, we collect food donations for IOCP. The basket is by the doors in the front of the studio. Thanks to all that have donated!

New Client Referral Program
Our survey revealed our most successful marketing comes from our loyal clients, and for that we want to thank you. Bring in a friend to a Pilates Principles class and if they sign up for the $99 one month unlimited, you get 500 perkville points!

If your friend signs up for a 10- or 20-pack (privates or classes) or a membership, you get $50 towards your next package or taken off your monthly membership.

If your friend likes Pilates and after a month of unlimited, signs up for a package or membership, you get both the 500 perkville points and the $50 towards you next purchase. 

Simply call or stop at the front desk to book two spots in a Pilates Principles class for you and your friend!

June Recipe
Kid Friendly Pina Colada

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