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July News
Pilates Happy Hour for IOCP
Tuesday July 23rd, 4:00 - 5:15 with Jen Dugan 
Take our extended happy hour class and enjoy both a workout and happy hour in Wayzata afterwards. Jen will teach a level 1 class with some good stretching at the end. The Landing has music on Tuesday evenings and we can walk across the street after our workout. It’s always fun to get the opportunity to mingle with our clients. If you can’t attend or get into the happy hour class, meet us at The Landing after 5:30 for a drink and some music! $10 goes to IOCP and Pilates MN will match that $10!

Trainer of the Month: Pam Hasselbring
Why do you Love Pilates?
Pilates cured my back pain from a fall that left my L2 compressed by 40% (almost paralyzed). I lived in pain for years until the right therapist used correct Pilates exercise and technique to unlock above and below the fracture leaving me with no pain. Truly amazing! After being in the fitness field for so long and teaching with pain, this was the exercise that helped me find freedom in my body and do what I love pain-free. 

Favorite Movies: ET, Elf

Favorite Books:
“Red Notice” by Bill Browder, True story of high finance, murder, and one man’s fight for justice;  “Endurance” by Scott Kelly Astronaut, a year in space, a lifetime of discovery; “Nine Lies About Work” by Marcus Buckingham and Ashley Goodall.

What Brought you to Pilates MN?
We opened Pilates MN after teaching Pilates at the Northwest Athletic Clubs, then in my home and eventually in Wayzata. Sometimes life takes you on many twists and turns and I tend to believe that God has more control than I do with my paths so I followed and that led me to opening Pilates MN. It has been a great ride, and with any business, we are always learning and evolving with both wonderful experiences and challenges. 

I have always loved the health and fitness field and knew this was the path I wanted to take out of college even though that wasn’t my degree. I’ve truly enjoyed my career in fitness and I continue to enjoy teaching. However, I’m not able to teach a permanent schedule. Since our kids are grown, Brent and I want to enjoy traveling and getting away in the winters. A theme with Minnesotans. Our son Alex has truly taken to this work and will be teaching more and helping to run the business. His business degree at St. Thomas is clearly a big help for all of us. 

I will continue to work, sub, train new trainers and take classes when I’m in town. I wouldn’t know what to do without Pilates MN, as Brent and I need a place to do our Pilates and I need my teaching fix when I’m here. Educating our clients and trainers about the benefits of Pilates is still so enjoyable to me. We love all our clients and hope to keep Pilates MN in town for many more years! We hope you enjoy what we do as much as all of our trainers enjoy passing this work and education to you.

Studio Updates
Client Referral Program
Bring in a friend to a Pilates Principles class and if they sign up for the $99 one month unlimited, you get 500 perkville points! Simply call or stop at the front desk to book two spots in a Pilates Principles class for you and your friend!

101 Bridge Closure
The County Road 101 Bridge over Highway 12 is closed for repairs through fall of this year. Find alternative routes to the studio here.

New Konnectors coming in August!
The Reformers will soon be replaced with new straps. Created by Viktor Uygan, Konnector® takes Pilates to a dynamic new level with independent and simultaneous movement of arms and legs. The single rope system engages your entire body (lift your legs, and you’ll feel it in your arms!), providing constant proprioceptive feedback and facilitating stronger core activation. A simple locking mechanism returns Reformer to standard Pilates functionality.

July Recipe: Salmon Patties
These Salmon Patties are great to make ahead and freeze for dinner in a flash, or to bring on a camping trip/traveling where you have a small kitchen!

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