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October News
7-Day Sugar Cleanse
Looking to lose weight, feel better, and control your cravings? Try this simple and effective sugar cleanse! This program will provide all that you need to rid yourself of bloat, cravings, excess weight, pain and give you the tools to eat a more healthy and balanced diet. Now through November 15, use coupon code Pilatessugar for $30 off!

Client of the Month: Steve Keating
Why do you do Pilates?
I started Pilates in 2007, probably one of their first customers. I was in pretty bad shape with my back, thigh, and shoulder problems. It has made a world of difference in life both mentally and physically. I've suffered two strokes since then and I feel my recovery was solely due to my going to Pilates.

Favorite Book? HMS Ulysses by Alistair MacLean
Favorite Movie? The Guns of Navarone
Favorite Song? Anything by The Band
What's on your bucket list? African Safari & Scotland Boat Trip
Favorite Pilates Equipment? Massage Table

Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Class & Happy Hour
Wednesday, Oct. 30th at 4pm
We will have a happy hour stretch class to raise money for the Pay it Forward Fund later this month. They help pay bills for families with women getting cancer treatment. We will go to happy hour at Baja Haus after the class (anyone can meet at Baja Haus at 5:15 even if they aren’t in class). Suggested donation is $20, and Pilates MN will match what’s collected. 

Wear Pink Promo
Each time you wear pink in October, enter for a chance to win giveaways for massage and assessments!

Studio Updates
Class Reminders
A couple of times a month, clients will come to class when they didn’t sign up for that class or thought they did. It's best to double-check your dates each time you come to class to make sure you’re in the right class and have the right date. We also ask that everyone is on time for classes as it’s much easier and less disruptive when you’re set up and ready.

New Konnectors
The Konnectors are a special tool and very new to all of us. We have noticed what they are doing to our bodies as trainers. Slowing down and concentrating helps us feel all the Konnectors give us as input in our bodies because the one pulley system gives us feedback the two pulleys did not. The good news is you will get stronger in a way you couldn't in the past. We are introducing the system slowly so we know how trainers and clients bodies react to the system. We have been hearing great feedback. Remember all feedback is welcome and we like to hear from you about the Konnectors!! Have fun feeling the magic of the Konnectors. More fun exercises to come.

September Recipe: Oregon Coast Inspired Kale Salad

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